Artist Statement:

In this day and age, photography is the first breath and possibly the last in almost everyone’s world. People love to remember what they have seen and where they have been. To wake up to the rivers and streams to the left of you and the mountains to the right or to go to sleep in a field of gold as the moon is falling down under a sea of clouds. That’s what gets my inspiration going. The beauty and the aspiration that everything wants to be something. To photograph is to create. Creation and beauty is in the mind of the beholder and my creations are what’s beautiful in my mind.

The beauty of the world that surrounds me and seeing the world for what it is, what it could be and what it was brings peace and joy to my life. Through my photographic pieces, I can share that space, that time, with anyone. Bring able to appreciate what is out there and experience the world with other people, that is the true art.

About Me.

I do not write in third person. I want to get to know you on a personal level. Writing in third person keeps people at a distance. I want to know who and where my art is going to. I want to be able to follow up and see those images hanging on your wall to enjoy.

My husband is my best friend and my best competitor. We keep each other on our toes, in this crazy artist world. You can go check out his work over HERE.

I am not going to boast about going to school or picking up a camera at 2 and being in love with photography since. Let’s face it. It didn’t happen like that. My aunt gave me an old film camera of my grandmothers many years ago (it was probably a pretty pro camera back in its day). When I was little, I played with the camera but only out of kid-ness wonder. Never thought I would make anything of it. Then, circa 2013, I met my future husband. He made my eyes open and my brain start ticking again. He “bought” me my first pro camera (the quotes are because I technically stole his and he in turn, bought a new one. He’s pretty awesome). He has shown me places that I had never been before. He taught me how to see the world in a different light. I never went to school and I never had my own “real” camera until my aunt gave me that old film camera.

I dabble in a little bit of everything. I personally love landscape and architecture photography the most.  Flowers are beautiful, even when they are missing their petals. The one thing that I hope that people get from my work, is that they see the beauty in everything.